about this college

The purpose of the College of Entrepreneurship (COE) is to equip millennials with the necessary tools to not only legitimately start a business, but also scale and grow a business for maximum profit and impact. This college dives into the who, what, when, where, why, and how of entrepreneurship by breaking down the most basics concepts and exploring the most complex concepts. Learn everything from filing for an LLC to creating systems that convert your audience to customers every time. Also, enjoy the opportunity to receive group and one-on-coaching through the COE Mastermind, VIP Work Days, AND MORE!



Get access to one-on-coaching for business strategy and systems planning.


Join the friend gang for live events that are sure to take your planning, processes, and productivity to the next level. 


Immediately take your business or brand to the next level with a VIP work day that walks you through how to create a strategy that sticks and set up systems that convert.


Get lifetime access to material that will elevate your business and brand.


6 Week Coaching & Development 

Recommended for entrepreneurs with an established business, but no true strategy.

You're "winging it."

6 week, one-on-one coaching with emphasis on business branding and backend systems setup. 


You get:

  • Weekly 1 Hour Zoom Sessions

  • Established Brand Identity with Branded Photoshoot Planning 

  • Service Delivery Framework Development

  • Profit Plan

  • Social Media Strategy   

  • Full Brand Clarity 

4 Month Coaching & Development

Recommended for aspiring entrepreneurs with grand ideas and no business strategy. 

You "don't know where to start."

16 week, one-on-one coaching with emphases on business legitimization, branding, and full systems setup. 


You get:

  • Weekly 1 Hour Zoom Sessions

  • Established Brand Identity with Branded Photoshoot Planning 

  • Service Delivery Framework Development

  • Email Marketing, Client Mgmt., and Sales Funnel System Setup

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Website Development  

  • Profit Plan

  • Full Brand Clarity 



Recommended for established entrepreneurs with a sense of strategy.

You're "doing well but know you can do better in important areas."

Monthly coaching support with emphasis on identified areas of necessary growth (for example, one month can be spent on systems setup). 


You get:

  • 1:1 Sessions; Up to 2 Hours/Per Month 

  • On-going Strategy Support

  • On-going Brand Clarity 

  • On-going Brand Audits and Strategy Recommendations

Brand Audit

We know how important a strong brand and business strategy is! During this 45 minute call you will receive a thorough audit of your brand or business's goals, value proposition, internal messaging, external messaging (social media and website), sales process, and customer retention plans.

This is NOT a "pick my brain" or strategy development call. You will receive verbal guidance and direction on brand development recommendations. 

VIP Work Day

Feeling stuck trying to build your business strategy, automations, and/or sales funnels alone? This 4 hour VIP day exists to relive that stress, instantly!


We will spend half a day diving into the strategy of your business, gaining business clarity, setting you up for true success with automations, and planning your next month's goals.



  • Business strategy

  • Business automations

  • Systems setup

  • Business clarity and direction

30-Day Content Calendar

30-day content calendar visually planned with captions,

hashtags, and up to 10 graphics.


Client MUST have branded photos and videos available for use.

Content IS NOT scheduled in any scheduling app.





Founder of GlamTechy

I'm so glad I found Jaye. She is a great asset! The way she thinks about things shows she has a great eye for detail. Plus, she brings a lot of creative ideas on how to build and grow your business. Having her as made me really look at what I can do better. Jaye is someone you want in your corner. She is great at what she does.



Founder of Create by Chante

I've been wanting to turn my followers into customers and Jaye gave me realistic goals and day to day things to use that were actually attainable and super easy to follow.



CEO, Simply Genesis

Having a business coach for me was really beneficial. I would say everyone should have one before embarking on this journey.


All resources can be purchased à la carte, but with an active membership you get access to exclusive resources and receive 20% off everything in the SOLA shop.