Dollar Bills

College of Finances

Welcome to better money management! 


The purpose of the College of Finances (COF) is to equip students with the tools needed to make smart financial decisions now, and in the future. COF highlights the importance of budgeting and saving as the cornerstone of good financial health, teaches the basics of credit (including repair tips), and introduces students to the art of investing as a means of generational and financial wealth. Let's be on our way to financial wellness!

Your Coins, Your Way

There's truly no other way to say it, so here goes... if you don't get a grip on your financial literacy, investing knowledge, spending habits, and savings, you're going to be a sad camper in this adulthood. 


The downloadables in this college are available to help you financially prepare for a better today AND tomorrow. We're not sure about you, but stocks, budgets, and investing weren't taught in our schools. And don't get us started on how we were left out of conversations on building generational wealth. But that stops today! Dive in and take advantage of all things finances. Remember, your adulting coins should be working for you– not the other way around.