About The School of Life Academy

This Is How Our Story Began

Just like all great things, School of Life started as an idea after our founder, Jacquaniese "Jaye" Washington, graduated college and realized life was not as sweet as she had thought. She was constantly saying to friends, "I didn't learn this life thing in college, I bet other people feel how I do." And from there, the School of Life podcast was born. 

From the popularity and growth of the podcast, which did, and still serves as an uncut and transparent space on all things adulting including life hacks, tips, resources, and more, Jaye decided to take things to the next level with a tangible "curriculum on life." Originally developed for middle and high school students with the hopes to market to school districts, she decided to create the platform we now know as the School of Life Academy– for anyone looking to better navigate their adult journey. 

And here we are! Through the academy's 5 colleges SOLA is able to: support personal development, offer solutions to new entrepreneurs' business challenges, encourage and teach financial health, power fun, yet, meaningful workshops, host events featuring industry experts, and much more! 

It has always been Jaye's hope to be an anchor of support in the crazy hood of adulting, and we are proud to continue doing just that. ​Now, explore our colleges, listen to the podcast, an d sign up to be a part of the community so that you can be on your way to adulting with confidence!​

For collaboration opportunities like workshops and speaking engagement, click here.


Meet Our Founder

Jacquaniese "Jaye" Washington, MPA

Jacquaniese "Jaye"  Washington is an “adulting” advocate, podcaster, and strategic communications leader. As the CEO of The Savvy Solution, she provides corporate communications strategy, executive messaging, and content strategy to businesses and organizations– and is fueled by a commitment to excellence. Jaye is also the founder of the School of Life Academy where she aims to be a millennial thought leader, creating a community of advocacy and support for today's young adults.  


Jaye is a graduate of Delaware State University with a Master’s of Public Administration and Bachelor’s of Arts in Mass Communications degrees. 

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